Committee Leadership

 Audit – Mary Beth Smykowski – Chair;  The audit committee ensures that the Chapter prepares accurate financial statements, exercises responsible financial management, and maintains compliance with RIMS National’s Chapter Internal Control Guidelines.  Duties include:   Perform annual audit to be completed within 90 days of the fiscal year end.  Ensure timely Form 990 filing.  Expected Time Commitment:  Annual audit—approximately two hours.  Consult throughout the year if/when needed.
 Communications – Jennifer Harris– Chair;
                                                    i.     Golf Outing – Russ Tarnowsky– Chair; The RIMS Detroit Chapter Golf Outing is the largest fundraiser our chapter sponsors annually, 2023 marked the 70th year anniversary for Detroit RIMS.  The money raised is used to provide scholarships for college students that are pursuing a degree in Risk Management.    
                                                   ii.     RIMS Day – Lynn Haley Pilarski - Chair;  This committee organizes all RIMS day activities including finding speakers and sponsors as well as arranging location and meals.  
Legislative – Lynn Haley Pilarski – Chair; The Legislative Role is now called the Advocacy Ambassador.  The Advocacy Ambassador partners with the RIMS Public Policy Committee and other chapters to help drive advocacy efforts and provide education on public policy and legislative issues on the local level.  
Membership – Anthony Blatnik- Chair; The Membership committee supoprts the development of a regional network of members by identifying needs of the community and offering educational programs and networking opportunties.
Nominating— Fred Driscoll– Chair; Nominating Committee-The purpose of the nominating committee (chaired by the immediate past president of the chapter) is to ensure we constantly have an engaged board by discussing potential new members at least annually prior to the June board meeting where we elect members for the next annual term.
Scholarship – Fred Driscoll – Chair; The purpose of the scholarship committee is to seek applicants from colleges and universities in Michigan that offer risk and insurance majors (currently Ferris State University, Northwood University and the University of Olivet) in their business schools and from risk management departments where members are seeking professional certifications or advanced degrees where their employer does not offer tuition reimbursement.  The committee reviews the applications and required other documents (transcripts and letters of recommendation) and then recommends to the full RIMS Detroit Board the awardees for the current year.  Currently, our scholarships are for up to $2,000 and funds are raised primarily through our generous partners via sponsorships of the Detroit RIMS annual golf outing.
Community Service – Patrick Cicco – Chair;  At least twice a year we partner with outside organizations to plan, initiate, and implement charitable activities that focus on giving back to our local community. 
Meeting Registration – Patrick Cicco– Chair; Responsible for providing information and documenting attendees for all in-person meetings.  
Social Media – Cherie Baker – Chair; The purpose of the Social Media Committee is to share and promote RIMS Detroit chapter meetings and opportunities, articles/white papers, recent promotions, and educational opportunities and achievements of RIMS Detroit chapter members.  Shining a light on opportunities for and accomplishments of the many risk professionals in Michigan.  Utilizing social media to share this information also offers additional opportunities to all individuals looking to strengthen their networks and knowledgebases.
Next Gen – Ashley Rodriguez -  Chair; The purpose is to prepare Rising Risk Professionals under the age of 35, or with less than 7 year in the industry, to become future business leaders by providing: 
1. Networking - to promote the development of relationships among young professionals, and a network of peers and colleagues in the risk and insurance industry.
2. Mentoring – facilitating opportunities for collaboration and mentoring between young and experienced professionals.
3. Education - encourage college students, recent graduates, and new professionals to get involved and connected, earn Continuing Education credits, and broaden their knowledge of the industry.