Board of Directors

General Motors Company
Pet Supplies Plus
Vice President
Aon Consulting
Adient plc
Road Commission for Oakland County
Chapter Database Manager, Director
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan
Beaumont Health
Nexteer Automotive Corporation
Masco Corporation
Lear Corporation

The RIMS Detroit Board of Directors consists of all Officers plus the Directors-at-Large. 

The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to conduct the general business of the Detroit Chapter.  This typically includes election of officers, appointment of committees, approval of projects, disbursement of Chapter funds and, of key importance, setting Chapter goals and objectives.  If you would like to ask the Board of Directors to consider a topic for discussion, send your proposed agenda item to our Chapter President.

The President is the CEO of the Detroit Chapter and responsible for providing leadership and motivation to all Chapter members. The President is also responsible for assuring that the Chapter operates in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws. The duties of this office include supervision of all Chapter business and activities, official spokesperson for the Detroit Chapter, presiding over Chapter meetings, approval of Chapter budget and appointment of any Chapter committees.

The Vice President has traditionally been a stepping stone to the presidency.  The First Vice President is responsible for assisting the President in coordinating and directing committee activities and Chapter operations.  The duties of this office include maintaining the Chapter's Executive Referrals.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial operations and is accountable for all income and expenditures. The Treasurer is to prepare our annual budget after input from Board and Committees, prepare the monthly financial statements, reconcile bank statements, monitor the Chapter cash flow, issue and co-sign all required checks and file IRS and other government forms.

Our Secretary is responsible for preparing and recording minutes of the Board and other business meetings, distribution of those minutes to all Board members, notification to all Chapter members of changes in the Chapter Officers or Directors, in the Deputy Members and all chapter communications to members.

Our representative to the RIMS House of Delegates is charged with helping to guide the Society in the achievement of its overall objectives and to provide a link between the Society and the Detroit Chapter.